Radio Frequency drying, the eco-friendly solution for the recycling processing.

Companies and consumers are posing increasing attention to environmental concerns and in particular on how to process waste materials. For this reason, the recycling and reuse is involved in numerous industrial sectors. Moisture removal from waste material is required for many reasons: weight reduction to minimize transportation cost, the preservation of its functional characteristics to allow further material processing, avoid product deterioration and extend its conservation. RF Systems has developed several machines for the rapid drying of waste fractions of various products such as fermentation products from biogas plants, cereals and grains scraps, animal fibers, harvested products, wood chips and artificial and synthetic fibers. RF dryers are carbon-emissions free, energy-saving and cost-efficient, ensuring an eco-friendly recycling processing with an excellent cost / benefit ratio. Moreover, their configuration is extremely flexible and additional modules can be added to cope with higher capacities.


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