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About us


About us

Founded in 1990, RF Systems manufactures Radio Frequency dryers and equipment, that speed up and improve drying and thermal processes, cutting energy consumption and operating costs. High-performing, energy-saving and cost-efficient, RF Systems equipment allow its customers to make the most of the advantages of the Radio Frequency technology with the best cost / benefit ratio.



Focus on the goal

Our mission


Driven by customers’ challenges, RF Systems aims at enhancing industrial drying and thermal processes through state-of-the-art RF machines.

More than 1000 machines have been installed worldwide and many processes and devices have been patented during its 30 years’ activity.

Dynamic and forward-thinking, RF Systems strives also in delivering pilot and tailor-made equipment for special applications according to the customers’ needs.

Our milestones

  • 1990

    Company establishment

  • 1991

    First air-cooled high-power generator (X-Dry)

  • 2005

    First hybrid equipment in the textile sector

  • 2015

    First vulcanizer in the market based on the RF technology

  • 2020

    30th Company Anniversary

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