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RF Batch dryer for bobbins

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Compact and easy to use, RKB is the most eco-friendly dryer available in the market, with an outstanding evaporation rate thanks to the Efficient Synergic system.


Efficient Synergic system, lowest drying cost in the market


Short production cycles and energy-saving processes are paramount to the textile industry. Based on this consideration, RF Systems has developed the innovative RKB dryer (patented): in this batch equipment hot air is forced through the yarn by a centrifugal fan at a controlled temperature in combination with the RF energy (Efficient Synergic system), removing up to 2.2 Kg of water per kW(RF) against 1.2 Kg of a standard RF dryer.

With an outstanding evaporation rate, RKB is the most eco-friendly dryer available in the market.

The equipment is compact in size for an easy integration in any working environment.

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