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RF dryer for carpets and moquette

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The TD-C dryer ensures a uniform drying in any size carpets and moquette along with a perfect finishing thanks to the final cooling section.


Rapid and uniform drying, for any product width

The TD-C dryer is the widest Radio Frequency dryer available in the market (up to 2300mm working width in Hybrid version, up to 2700mm working width with specific heat recovery), perfect for the drying of carpets and moquette after printing or washing. 

Equipped with an outlet cooling section, the TD-C dryer provides an unmatched moisture removal speed.

The gentle heating treatment ensures a high product quality, avoiding yellowing or discoloring.


X-Dry cooling system

Heat recovery from the generator cooling system – up to 15% increase in evaporation efficiency.

Hybrid version

HYBRID version available to achieve the highest drying performance at the lowest operating cost.

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