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Radio Frequency

The Radio Frequency technology is based on electromagnetic fields, specifically at 27.12 MHz, to heat water contained in various substrates. The process is safe and can be controlled accurately. The Radio Frequency technology has been successfully used in many industrial sectors since the ‘80s, with excellent results both in terms of energy efficiency and product quality.

How does it work?

While exposed to radio frequencies, the water molecules undergo vibration and rotation at a frequency of over 27 million times per second, generating heat and, if necessary, raising the water temperature to evaporation. The heat transfer is endogenous and instantaneous in the entire product mass, making the whole process significantly faster than conventional drying and thermal methods.

The thermal effect in only due by to the molecules’ rotation and not to the electromagnetic radiation itself (that is, in fact, non-ionizing), preserving at best the biological, chemical, sensorial and nutritional properties of the products, in compliance with safety regulations.

Uniform and rapid treatment

The process only takes a few minutes or even seconds and it is completely uniform in all product mass.

Safe and chemicals-free

100% organic, the process can be perfectly controlled via PLC and it doesn’t emit radiations or fumes.

Energy-saving and Cost-efficient

RF technology allows at the same time a great increase in production capacity and huge savings in operating costs.

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