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Radio Frequency industrial Defroster

Industrial Defroster


THERIO is a RF equipment that ensures a rapid defrosting process, eliminating the need for large thawing rooms and minimizing the drip loss.

The process is uniform throughout the whole mass of the product, regardless of its size, weight and shape.


Defrost in minutes any product cut and shape

Conventional defrosting systems (still air thawing, forced air/blast thawing, water sprinkling, water immersion systems, etc..) are slow and often generate product waste due to the poor process control.

Differently, RF defrosting is an endogenous and instantaneous method that delivers the product ready for the next step in a few minutes: the product to be defrosted, either in blocks or IQF, is placed on the conveyor belt of the RF machine and is submitted to rapid dielectric heating that brings its temperature just below the melting point of water, with no drip loss or bacterial deterioration.

In this way, other than saving time and preserving quality, last-minute orders can be easily managed and product waste is completely avoided.

Furthermore, being a continuous and in-line process, multiple handling is eliminated, with huge savings in labor cost.


Fish and seafood

Vegetables and more

Blocks and IQF

Loose or packaged

Any shape and cut

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