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The outstanding benefits of the RF technology can also be achieved in the disinfestation, sanitization and pasteurization of various food commodities, intermediates or finished products, either in bulk or packaged. IGOS RF pasteurizer ensures a rapid and thorough microbial inactivation, preserving at best physical, sensorial and nutritional properties of food.


Ensure microbial inactivation, preserve product quality


Food processors often rely on steam or other conventional heating systems (mostly based on hot air circulation or surface heat exchangers) for the microbial inactivation/stabilization processes: the heat transfer is generally slow and uneven, severely damaging the physical, sensorial and nutritional properties of the product.

Differently, the ability to penetrate deep inside the product mass and generate heat evenly and instantly is, at the same time, the main characteristic and the main benefit of RF heating. Practically, in RF pasteurizers the product is submitted to a rapid and gentle dielectric heat treatment for a few minutes, that leads to live cell destabilization and microbial inactivation. In this way, food substrates can be sanitized while preserving their physical, sensorial and nutritional properties.

RF machines are rather small in size and modular, so that additional production capacity can be easily added at any time. This makes convenient the integration of the RF technology into existing production lines.

Adjustable parameters in the PLC allows the operator to set the appropriate process recipe for each product.

Either batch or conveyorized model RF machines are available, depending on the product type and production capacity requirements. The machines and their ancillary equipment are designed and supplied according to the customers’ specific requirements.

Cereals, pulses, grains

Leafy and powder products


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