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ARIES is a Radio Frequency dryer that ensures fast and efficient moisture removal and levelling, increasing shelf-life and cutting processing costs.  It also reduces checking problems, eliminates surface browning, enhances crispness and flavor, reduces Acrylamide formation.


Extend the shelf-life, cut costs

The drying process plays a decisive role in creating high-quality products. Radio Frequency dryers have been developed on purpose to remove the excess moisture content from many substrates in minutes, replacing slow and expensive conventional drying systems. The RF technology is particularly suitable for the post-baking drying of baked products (biscuits, crackers, crispbread, etc..). Indeed, final moisture reduction and levelling is a difficult task to achieve in baking ovens: due to the crust formation during baking, moisture evaporation takes about 60% of the energy of the entire process and about 30% of the overall oven length. Differently, Radio Frequency is selective towards water and ensures drying in minutes with no surface over-baking or excessive coloring.  Hundreds of RF post-baking dryers have been installed in industrial bakeries in the last 40 years, making it the most popular RF drying application in the food sector.

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