Radio Frequency: how does it work?

The Radio Frequency technology is based on electromagnetic fields, specifically at 27.12 MHz, to heat water contained in various substrates. This endogenous heating process is safe and can be controlled accurately. The main benefits of Radio Frequency equipment are: Uniform And Rapid Treatment Safe And Chemicals-Free Energy-Saving And Cost-Efficient   For more information visit Radio […]

The World Energy Efficiency Day by RF Systems

Save energy with RF Systems Smart Thermal Processes! RF technology allows you to instantaneously heat the complete volume of your product, providing energy only where you need, so you save energy and let a better world.

New Video on Eco Drying Solutions for Recyling

We have just released the new video on radio frequency solutions for companies that are engaged in the recycling and reuse of waste materials and scraps. For more informations about RF Dryers for recycling industry click here

RF Systems new video: the premiere at K Fair

Come and see the premiere of the video about solutions for plastic industry at Mixcycling  booth (Booth C18 – Hall 8A) in K Fair (19-26 October – Düsseldorf)… don’t miss it! For more informations about RF dryers for plastic industry click here

Customer Visits in Uzbekistan

An new abroad mission for sales manager of textile solution.A full week of visits to RF Systems customers and potential leads in Uzbekistan, with the country sale partner, to strengthen business relationships and present the new model of Radio Frequency dryers for the dye houses and all the textile industry. For more informations about RF […]

New RF Systems Video Release

“RF Systems Textile Thermal Drying Solutions” video is the last media content released by RF Systems to provide a quick overview of the benefits of RF thermal process for the textile industry. In short, the advantages that a textile company can easily achieve are: rapid, uniform and low-temperature drying flexible and modular (for any size […]

Become a RF Systems dealer!

RF Systems is in business expansion! We are looking for agents and/or distributors in European and non-EU countries, operating in the textile and food sector.

New website online!

The new website is now on line! On the occasion of  the 30th anniversary, RF Systems decided to boost its digital presence in global markets…