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Vulcanization and drying of latex foam

Latex Foam production

Dryers and vulcanizers for latex foam

Vulcanization and drying processes in latex foam production factories have always been an expensive and challenging task.
RF Systems has developed the first RF equipment that overcomes all the issues related to this specific production process.


Higher quality at a lower cost


The Radio Frequency technology is based on electromagnetic fields that generate heat within the product mass and allow rapid vulcanization in a few minutes. Being an endogenous process, no metal pins or expensive metal moulds are required: in fact, the product can be vulcanized in light and cheap plastic moulds, allowing for a more flexible design and easier product stripping.

The drying process can be carried out very quicky as well: the water evaporates in the surface as in the core at the same time (also in shaped items), leaving the product uniformly dried, without yellowing or wet spots.
The final outcome is a higher quality product at a lower cost, along with a huge increase in the production throughput.

All major latex foam producers worldwide are currently using RF Systems machines in their production facilities.

Energy-Saving and rapid treatment

The overall production process is achieved in minutes, allowing huge savings in operating costs. The process is not affected by external ambient conditions. No fumes or emissions, no need for pre-heating.


Lighter moulds at a lower cost

Metal moulds and pins are not necessary to transfer heat to inner layers. RF Systems can provide innovative and light plastic moulds, upon customer request.


Small footprint, modular design

The reduced footprint of the RF vulcanizers and dryers guarantees a smooth and easy installation even in small production facilities. The modular design allows to increase the production capacity at a later stage. 


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